Health and wellbeing along the Lake District Coast

The Lake District Coast offers many opportunities for visitors and residents to get outdoors and breathe-in the fresh air.

From public parks to woodlands, lakes, mountains and the coastline with its mudflats, sand dunes and beaches, this is the perfect place to experience where the National Park meets the sea.

The Lake District Coast offers a massive range of exciting and relaxing opportunities to enjoy in Cumbria, including more than 100 miles of coastline, a chance to climb England’s highest mountain, swim in the deepest lake, join two famous walking routes, indulge in a spot of Forest Bathing, and enjoy large sections of ‘The Lakes 100’ cycle route.

In a recent visitor survey by Cumbria Tourism, 94% of respondents said they felt a boost to their general health and wellbeing during their visit. According to Ordnance Survey, half of the top ten popular walks in England and Wales (as tracked on their mobile phone app) are here in Cumbria – with three areas along Cumbria’s coastline making the list of quietest areas. Take a look, right here.

So, what are you waiting for? Become one of those statistics by checking out our top tips on how to feel better on the inside and the outside, thanks to a visit here on the Lake District Coast:

Health and wellbeing along the Lake District Coast

Get outside and keep moving

Frequent exercise is not only good for your physical health, but also releases serotonin: Your happy hormone! It doesn’t have to be a mammoth run or a mission to reach the top of Scafell Pike in record time, just a simple stroll along one of our beautiful beaches will do the trick. Take advantage of being outside whenever you can! Fresh air and particularly sunlight are scientifically proven to raise your spirits. Take the time to notice things that you can see, hear, smell and feel in the environment around you. It all helps to improve focus and bring your mind into the present.

Eat well

Eating a wide range of freshly prepared meat, fish, fresh vegetables, fruit and nuts can help to sustain your immune system and drink plenty of water. Cumbria is famous for its locally made produce, so why not support local businesses while you’re at it? Everybody wins!

Health and wellbeing along the Lake District Coast

Share the space with a friend

Getting out and about with someone you’re close to is a great way of making you feel more connected with you loved-ones. Whether it’s simply being surrounded by beautiful scenery, or actively getting out on the fells and forests, taking time out to reconnect with nature, friends and family might just be what you need to lead a happier, healthier life.

Forest Bathing: More than just a walk in the woods

 You may have heard the term ‘Forest Bathing’ being banded-about in recent months… but what is it?

More than a simple walk in the woods, Forest Bathing takes a pleasant stroll among the trees a few steps further, encouraging walkers to completely immerse themselves into the natural environment, physically and mentally.

Take a stroll in complete silence, touch the natural elements and take the time to sit, close your eyes and let your hearing take over your body.

You can even enjoy the company of a guide, who has closely studied the work of Dr Li Qing of Japan, who has researched the Japanese approach to forest bathing extensively, designed to protect, support and restore mental health.

With plans to develop Forest Bathing experiences in Eskdale and Ennerdale, why not go barefoot, to really get a feel for the world beneath you?

Future plans also include a ‘Scafell to Sea’ adventure journey, taking-in a walk up the highest mountain in England, canoeing along the deepest lake – Wastwater, followed by a cycle to Ravenglass and ending with a swim in the sea.

Further information about what is currently on-offer is here.

Health and wellbeing along the Lake District Coast