The National Gallery Masterpiece Tour: Tobias and the Angel

07-05-23 19:15 - 31-07-23 19:15
The Beacon
Address: West Strand, Whitehaven CA28 7LR, UK

WHITEHAVEN’S Beacon Museum is to host another priceless work of art.

Following paintings from Rembrandt and Chardin, visitors will now be able to see Verrocchio’s Tobias and the Angel when it is hosted as part of the National Gallery’s Masterpiece tour in March.

The oil painting from the renowned 15th century master shows the archangel Raphael guiding Tobias and his dog through the countryside, to collect a debt owed to his blind father, Tobit. Tobias carries a gutted fish, while Raphael shows him a box containing its organs – ingredients to cure Tobit’s blindness.

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