Samhain (Halloween) Fire & Cacao Ceremony

A Fire & Cacao Ceremony to honour Samhain (Halloween) the Celtic New Year.

At this time when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, we work with the beautiful plant medicine of cacao. Through meditation, drumming and ritual we focus on death & rebirth, honouring our ancestors, whilst harnessing the feminine energy of Mother Earth’s life force to ground and nurture us.

Cacao has been used in ritual and ceremony for thousands of years. Healing and transformational it is a deep heart opener helping us move from fear to love and connect with our inner wisdom. It is a really special experience and deeply enhances our meditation and insight.

The cacao used is high quality raw and organic, lovingly prepared with Reiki and intention and is mixed with plant milk.

This event is in the depths of the forest 300m up a steep path. We have a large shelter and it will still go ahead in the rain.

£25 per person, booking essential