Parade – The Giant Wheel

As part of this year’s Health and Wellbeing Festival, a free Family Festival with entertainment alongside access to vital well-being services, Rosehill is delighted to programme the Cumbrian premier of Autin Dance Theatre’s fantastic new Parade – The Giant Wheel production.

Parade is a moving performance inspired by the beauty, power, and impact of people coming together from different walks of life, featuring a 12-foot tall Giant Wheel driven by 5 street artists and accompanied by live music. Autin Dance Theatre uses their unique blend of contemporary storytelling, striking physicality, and innovative large designs to transport audiences and communities along a carefully choreographed procession.

The 50-minute itinerant act is punctuated by three static moments celebrating the tension and fracture between our identities and collective humanity. Ultimately, Parade celebrates different journeys while honouring our shared life struggles.

The Giant Wheel carries the performers high above the streets. It spins them around ferociously, turning their worlds upside down, sometimes giving them momentum and speed, and at others rocking them gently back and forth, imitating the laborious and repetitive life cycle.

Parade is an ambitious and scalable street performance that has inclusivity and accessibility at its heart. Local participants can join Parade’s community engagement plans, including opportunities for groups to perform alongside the procession and for individuals to join the large-scale mass participation movement.